Note from [The Management]

To whom or what it may concern:

Due to extraordinarily sustained and frantic participation from masses of readers, both washed and unwashed, for obvious reasons this blog, some years ago, entered into a state of stunned silence, gob-smacked, as it were, by the sheer volume of piercing interest and subtly-reasoned contributions from its readers. The blog survived, for a time, in a right-brain-hosted non-verbal limbo, a bright but silent domain of punctuation marks without substantives, of exhaled neurotransmitters with hints of the nasal and pulmonary microbiomes. This was a respite barely comprehended by the blog’s own introspection, since mentation itself remained in stasis for the duration, but a time of re-emergence eventually dawned, and the last contributions were approved, and this lone voice, unveiled once more, spoke out across the plains of humanity with this announcement.

Enough said.

[The Management]

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