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I’ve taken the plunge. At 74, it seems unlikely I’ll suddenly be discovered as a New Thing by the dwindling number of established publishers, book or periodical, who handle short fiction. Accordingly, although many publishers avoid works that are “already published,” I’ve decided to post all my (readable) stories online, for anyone to read. I’m probably shooting myself in the foot by doing that, and it’s no way to make money, but who’s making money writing short stories, anyway? A couple of dozen full-time authors, almost all of whom write novels, too. Agents and publishers just don’t expect a profit from selling one author’s story collections — especially if there aren’t some novels to fill out the product line. Well, my stories weren’t written as a product line, although there’s a PayPal contribution button on the new site, so it’s always possible some generous and appreciative reader might send money for no tangible reason. And of course some of the fiction editors of the great periodicals and anthologies might stumble onto the site and become sudden fans. Yeah, right.

So there you have it. If you’re interested in short stories, of high diversity in subject and style, check out Cave-Paintings. Many stories are also narrated, in case you don’t feel like reading. Or if you want to listen in your car, there’s a download button on the MP3 player under each recorded story. Eventually there will be some essays, too. And visual art.

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