A Little Conversation about a Tiger

Why were you late to school?

Well, my granpa was bringing me in the school today and he couldn’t make it.

Why couldn’t he make it?

Well, he got bit by a tiger.

I see. You know where this tiger came from?

A zoo?

So you’re saying a tiger escaped from the zoo, bit your granpa, and that’s why you didn’t get to school on time.

Yeah, pretty much.

And what happened after he bit your granpa?


Did the tiger eat him?


Why not?

Well, he was not hungry?

Then why’d he bite your granpa in the first place?

Um, he was maybe frightened?

Could be. So a tiger escape from the zoo, came on your granpa, got scared, and bit him. And then what happened?

Well, my granpa ran inside, and the lion ran away.

Thought you said it was a tiger.

I mean the tiger ran away. The lion wasn’t there.

Where was the lion?

Well he was in the zoo.

And what’d the lion do when he found out the tiger was missing?

Well the lion, he went looking for the tiger.

Did he find the tiger?

He found the tiger and then they went back.

He found the tiger and what’d they do?

They went back to the zoo.

So how’s your granpa. He gonna be alright?

Yeah, he’s ok.

So he healed up quick after getting bit by that tiger.

Yeah, he did, but.

But what?

Well, he. He didn’t get bit real hard.

So he just got a little bit bit.

Yeah, he was only bit a little.

If he was only bit a little, why couldn’t he get you to school on time?

Um, I don’t know.

That’s what I thought.

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