Operation Redundancy (Amazon Author Page)

This blog is now being mirrored (with short teasers) on the Allen Cobb Author Page at amazon.com.

Just in case some of you prefer to find me there (unlikely) or happen to stumble across the Author Page (plausible).

Posts prior to today’s date won’t show up on Amazon.


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One Response to Operation Redundancy (Amazon Author Page)

  1. Allen says:

    Amazon now lists some third-party reseller of my book, Brain Frieze, at the ridiculous price of $36. In fine print, you can find the book also listed for $18, which is closer to the cover price of $19,95. It looks like Amazon doesn’t want anyone to see the real price, since they prefer moving Kindle editions. Also strange is the fact that the properly priced book is listed as coming from Book Depository US, which is a branch of a UK company. The book actually comes from Lightning Source, the print on demand service which produces and wholesales all the titles from Mulberry Knoll.

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