Leaving for Chicago?

To all my clients, students, tutees, master classers, apprentices, assistants, disciples, and customers who are departing this week to Chicago:

What to do in Chicago — hmmm —


Since I’m in a poetry mood of late, I guess I’d look for some café where good poets read. I’m not into the poetry slam/jam/damn/def fubar approach, but there is indeed an interesting performance-art angle glomming onto poetry readings of late. Mainly, it’s much more interesting to hear poetry, compared to reading it. Probably some good independent bookstore would have something like audible poetry, or know of its whereabouts. There’s some kind of poetry thing at the House of Blues, but it’s probably slam.

Yes, later on, after Chicago, after the Fall, let’s explore the book, design, direction, format, scheme, ontogeny, scatology, embryology, mycology, librology, morphology, dichotomy, lobotomy, autonomy, agronomy, and what-all, when you return next year.

But don’t blame me. You asked for it, and some of you paid in Actual Dollars.

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