First Light

When a newly constructed telescope is completed and finally put into use, this initial observation session of the night sky is called “first light.”

I set up this blog in the hope that it can become a telescope to my readers (a bi-directional one), on whatever topics or writings may seem interesting to them or to myself.

This post is AC Blog‘s first light.

I welcome all comments on Cave Paintings (collected poems) and The Rules (a novel), or on any subject I might be able to shed light on. My interests are rather wide…



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4 Responses to First Light

  1. Harvey says:

    These comments are pointless.

  2. acadmin says:

    Yes, self, these are typical First Light comments.


  3. Allen Cobb says:

    So the admin made a comment on his own post. Big deal. But this comment is from Allen, the author himself, not the administrator. Just a plain old subscriber. And yet still, it’s not enough of a comment to count.


  4. acadmin says:

    OK, I’m commenting on my own post. But it’s not enough of a comment to count, so I haven’t violated any of the rules of blogging.


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