Funding. We need funding. At least several hundred bucks. Funds for baffles. Baffle-Bucks. Support Absorbency. Down with Reverberation. Support absorbency. (I know; I said that, but it bears reverbing.) Mute the blurt. In a word: Baffles.

(alternatively) Baffles, baffles, baffles!

(sub-altern-ately) Braffles, barffles, Snapples.

RT-60 or fight! Early reflections Yes. Late reflections No. Remember the Mein. Silence is golden. (To coin a phrase. As the saying goes. You don’t say. I can say no more.)

Main Point

If we open up the ear canals on the inside of the brainpan, removing the brain, of course, then the whole skull can become a Helmholtz resonator and absorb at least the resonant frequency of the empty head.

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