2015 Redux

Upon closer inspection, 2015 has turned out to be almost indistinguishable from 2014. At least, the first week of ’15 sure as hell ain’t easy to differentiate from the last week of ’14. Come to think of it, I recall this same observation arising approximately a year ago. It wouldn’t be much of a stretch to extrapolate some years prior to that as well.

Has there ever been a difference? Isn’t every year just a recapitulation of The Year? Are we not all dwellers in the gastroenteronomics of the great Uroboros? Has there ever been an original year? From a post-modern perspective, years are a big disappointment, failing all imperatives from the cult of the new. At least they are consistent. Small consolation.

Further questions should be directed to the Omphalos for revelatory borborygmus.

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